The first time we entered this apartment, we fell in love with the high windows and the ceiling moldings from the early 19th century. What gives the project uniqueness is the combination of the modern tall glass doors (bedroom) with a black mat finish, and the combination of the historical windows and mosaic on the ceiling brings the past and the present together.

Before and After

The apartment is a beautiful open space of 75m2 with incredible details, which tells you a lot about ancient architecture. The living room is spacious and has unrestricted access to the kitchen. The bedroom is dominated by the 4x3m wallpaper full of birds and forest that gives a great chill vibe in the bedroom. As we wanted to give attention to the ceiling moldings, we designed the "Di Dio Interiors x Duett" ECLIPSE lamp, which shines along the 4 m walls to the ceiling. Not adding more lights is an excellent play with the light and shadows generated by the walls and moldings. The primary color throughout the living room is dominated by yellow, which is challenging to combine, but if done correctly, it creates a happy place full of brightness and joy. The bathroom we did with very colorful tiles produced and manufactured by Portuguese which you can search for details in the tiles for hours.