The apartment had a great potential, but the layout was not appropriate, they were losing a lot of space.
When we saw the outdoor area, with the calming vibes, we thought it was important to work on that space as well and make it as cozy as possible.

Before and After

When we first enter it the apartment, we felt that there is no light, and the space was not used properly. You were able to eat only on the bar of the kitchen, the balcony had no decoration, only a small table with 2 chairs and the bedroom was small, without wardrobe. In resume, the potential was there, the clients knew it and needed help to make it real.
We broke the wall in the bedroom to give more space and being able to put a double bed, as well as a wardrobe. We were able to divide the big space in 2; the dining room with a dining table and the chairs and the part of the living room with a sofa bed to welcome more guests.
The balcony is now cozy and looks bigger, we also were able to add a small corner lounge, and at night the lights give a cozy atmosphere.