In this project, our clients had a particular style in mind. "Japandi." As we knew it already from books and TV series, it was on us to learn about it. As it is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles, it is even more exciting to explore the cultures behind which shaped the japandi style in the first place. The beauty of interior design is that many styles come from different corners of the world from different cultures. Now it's on us to get our hands-on and show you the result.

Before and After

The apartment is brand new. Therefore, no renovation was required. What we immediately realized was the great combination between plain wood and black industrial steel. This combination gives a very modern feeling while the wood gives you the feeling of coziness. For this project we followed the “Japandi”style. The blend of smooth modern, lines of Scandinavian design with sleek, functional elegance of Japanese aesthetic. Therefore, the apartment keeps it minimalism and welcomes you beautifully.